Wednesday, February 4, 2009

East Jerusalem - Amman as capital.

For decades now it has been the wish of the Palestinian people to reclaim long lost territories and to return to East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent state.  This wish, nay demand, is rooted in long held emotions of times lost.  And of promises yet fulfilled.

However I am here to make the case that Amman should be considered for the seat of Government for the King and the Legislative Bodies.  And Jerusalem sound be considered for the seat of all Courts of Greater Palestine.

Amman has the infrastructure for the largest part of running the government.  The ministry buildings, telecommunications, transportation, offices of foreign delegations, to say nothing of the residence of the King, all make Amman the logical choice for the seat of the Executive and Legislative bodies.

However the case can easily and rightfully be made for East Jerusalem to be the Judicial capital of the nation.  This is done in other countries.  South Africa springs instantly to mind. 

The administrative staff for the highest levels of the Judicial branch are not as large.  As much of the work of the judiciary is also done at various government and religious levels spread throughout the country, the need for a large central body is also decreased.

However it cannot be overlooked that the oversight of the supremacy of law should and could find no better home than Jerusalem.

The promise of protection of ALL people to rights, fairness, freedom and the  eternal vigilance of that promise is indeed at home in a city such as East Jerusalem. 

And it is that state of mind of freedom that no border or amount of land can really be used to define a people.  A border may define a city, but it does not define the laws that one believes in.  And it should not stop freedom from being everywhere, under any sky.

It may be one block, it may be one hectare, it may be hundreds of sq km.   But one could rightfully say, "And Justice, for me, will always be in East Jerusalem."

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