Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Dear Common Ground:

While it indeed seems that there is stalemate in Palestine - Israel conflict it is my contention that taking the conflict as involving Palestinians and not Palestine per se is really more of a tract to take right now.

Peace process bogged down? Neither side budging?

GO around it all.

I have a number of steps that should be considered in finding a solution to Palestinians plight. Again NOT Palestine plight, Palestinian plight. And it needs to be made that. Palestinian's of all countries. Must millions continue to suffer while just one narrow avenue of solution is followed.

Nowhere do current solutions to the conflict leave a Palestine that is in anyway a functioning independent country with prospects for long term healthy advancement.

I encourage you to read some of my thoughts and comments at:

I encourage feedback, comments, arguments and perhaps, just perhaps the passing of some of my ideas to others in the area for their input as well.

Gary L. Tucker

Denver Colorado USA

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