Saturday, March 14, 2009

And now what?

The new government of Israel.

The government of Gaza.

The government of the West Bank.

Millions still without a homeland after 67 years.

Who will step up and say enough is enough for the vast majority of Palestinians who do NOT live in Gaza or the West Bank.

It is time to "go around the bumps in the road".

The other countries of the region, yes Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon; it is time to "go around". You don't need the US. You don't need the EU. You don't need Russia or Iran or to get the process moving.

Yes there are many steps.

Yes they may not all succeed.

But no step proposed is dependent upon any of the other steps being accepted, implemented or traded in any way.

Each one stands or fall of its own weight.

But together they each put one more step in the path to a viable, vibrant and forward looking country for those who wish to join in the dream.

May they be Jordanians, Egyptians, Saudis,Palestinians, Christians, Iraqis, Druze, Syrians or Jews from either Europe or Africa.

Together they can all chose to join together to create a new and wonderful path to peace in the region.

If not will you be the one to tell the children or the parents of the children that it is best for all if they just remain wanderers a little longer.

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