Monday, February 2, 2009

Northeast Sinai to Greater Palestine

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, it is my belief that what almost all of the adjacent countries can really do to help kick start a new Greater Jordan.  Egypt is no exception.   My idea is just the very eastern part of the North Sinai Governate.  

The addition of Taba to the Haql, Aqaba, Eilat ring of cities is I feel vital.  The transformation of the Taba airport for either airfreight or military use would create just that many more jobs in the region while leaving the Aqaba Airport for civilian use and the Eilat Airport to revert to other uses for such centrally located land.

The addition of territories to the northern coastal plain I feel will also add not only to the economics of a new Greater Palestine, but it will be a major emotional boost to have such a long coastal region to ring the Gaza Strip.  I feel that the idea of being able to expand out in ALL directions from the former enclave will be a very dramatic and empowering feeling.  Not only for those who live there currently, but any who many wish to move to the area upon the expansion.  

The redirection of the current cites of the Gaza to being the center of a much larger region will do much to promote the idea of new possibilities.  The freedom to now turn ones attention to moving forward with a new life.

And finally it will be, much as the addition of a bit of Saudi territory, a signal to others that perhaps this new Greater Palestine is actually a place to go to for a new life for more than just the Palestinians.   That peoples from different back rounds can indeed find a new start here.  

The Iraqis, Saudis, Egyptians, Bedouins, Christians, Jews and others who find themselves living in the Hashemite Kingdom of Greater Palestine have indeed found a new and welcoming home.

And they will all have to work together to make it a reality.

And what really do the Egyptians and Saudis who now live in these areas perhaps get by staying and becoming citizens of Greater Palestine.   I think in the end it is because being a part of Greater Palestine, even with as much work that will be need to be done, is such a greater part of the whole than they currently are in their respective homelands now.  Each slice of the proposed Egypt or Saudi Arabia to join Greater Palestine; are they now but on the very edge of awareness with their current countries.  

I am in no way saying that they are not wanted and a part of each of their respective countries.  But I am saying that perhaps by moving to a smaller pond they will become, overnight, much bigger fish.   

And they are not in any way that much different people in either Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Greater Palestine.  They can just help become a part of a different and exciting new story.

Just a thought.

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