Sunday, February 1, 2009

So to recap thus far and at this critical juncture of time.

The Palestine Road 35 Peace Plan/Sulha is based upon a few overwhelming factors.

Starting with that around 2/3's of all Palestinians do not live in the present West Bank or Gaza or do not live in a permanent home and no concrete solution for that is even been presented to be debated.

The current Arab/Saudi Plan does nothing to really create a viable economically forward looking united country of Palestine.

Israel just cannot let go of a few issues such as land neck along the coast, water resources in the upper West Bank and recognition that there is a united and willing participant government on the other side of any agreement.

Each faction in the dispute, and there are more than just two, or even three or four, have become so focused on their small part of the puzzle and what they need to do to settle just their part in their favor, that all are looking down and focusing on a small part of the puzzle.

My concept is to distract away from this current negotiations by offering a much much larger idea to consider.   

In each step of this developing plan, the current step between any two parties is not contingent on any action or response by any other party not involved.   Hence Saudi Arabia trading land with Jordan is not contingent on anyone else doing or promising to do anything else.  (The one exception is Israel giving the Golan to Greater Palestine with the acceptance by Syria, but this step is just an idea for long term viability, is rooted in a water sharing concept and the concept itself is not contingent on any outcome of any kind.)

It is also to be noted that this plan requires that no one leaves their current home.  If anyone wants to stay right where they are that is their right.  It will just be agreed that at some point in time in the future the sovereignty of the land upon which you live may change.  If anyone does wish to move the plan recognizes that someone else may wish to purchase or rent your home or living space.   This is to be negotiated as any other real estate transaction.  

Anyone living and owning property in any area in which sovereignty changes is entitled to continue to own that land and pass on that land as long as they wish.  This shall negate any claims upon land by anyone before 1947.   

As part of the process Israel will agree to transfer sovereignty of some of southern Israel to Jordan.   This is not conditional on any other countries or peoples agreement.  

Gaza and certain parts of the lower West Bank will be recognized as independent and can vote to join or not to join The Hashemite Kingdom of Greater Palestine.  That is their decision.   But they are voting to join an established country with established laws and government.  This is part of the deal.  If any agree to join the new Greater Palestine then they are citizens of the new expanded nation and will have full rights and responsibilities as do all citizens.

Whatever the vote all will be Palestinians where ever they live.

 It is my hope that the 5 provinces of Gaza are allowed to vote separately but that is not a requirement. 

 Because the the provinces of the lower West Bank are not all separately connected to the new Kingdom of Greater Palestine they will have to all vote as one.  The outline of that part of Jerusalem is not of my willingness to outline. 

 I can only say that I believe that it is based upon two lines of thinking.  
One is that any solution must mean that the entrance to and sovereignty over the Temple Mount must not mean the crossing of any country boundary or through any check point that is not controlled by a country of the Muslim faith.  

The second is a numbers trade off.  The more Muslims that can be put on the southern West Bank divide the less that are remaining in any remaining Israeli sovereign territory.  

It is also my belief that this idea allows for numerous examples, (and more to come) of economic incentives for expansion in the newly formed Greater Palestine

   This expansion will lead to many of the younger Palestinians and those displace in other countries to find a desire to move to those areas of jobs in the new Greater Palestine.  

Any Palestinian moving from another country to Greater Palestine may apply for citizenship in the newly expanded country.

If all provinces/governates of Gaza and Hebron, Bethlehem and East Jerusalem all vote to join Greater Palestine then all Palestinians everywhere shall become citizens of Greater Palestine instantly( if not a recognized citizen of any other country).  If any provinces/governates of Gaza and/or the Lower West Bank vote against joining Greater Palestine then those Palestinians outside of those areas who do not wish to become citizens of Greater Palestine shall then be considered citizens of the remaining Palestine.   Those Palestinian citizens living in the Upper West Bank can chose to become Israeli citizens or not.  To become an Israeli citizen one must own land in Upper West Bank and to have lived their before land transfer to Jordan of the southern portion of Israel.

Any Jews, Druze, Christians, Bedouins living in any territory that does not end up being under the sovereign control of Israel have the right to remain just where they are.  They are to have the full protection of the law of the land to which they remain.  They may apply for citizenship of Greater Palestine if they wish.

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