Thursday, January 29, 2009

The new Israel. And what of the rest?

The picture below is an outline of what Israel would become under the Sulha 35 Peace plan.

This boundary is, of course, open to debate and discussion.  

As to the question of East Jerusalem:  I am of the mind that it will, in the end, be as it always has been a balance of security over numbers.  In the end I believe that the overriding principle for a just solution is for the area of the Dome of the Rock to be accessible to all Arabs without having to cross Israeli land to do so.

This boundary outline also shows that northern West Bank of Palestine is to remain within Israel.  Thus in my Sulha 35 Peace Plan it is not so much a "right of return" as it is a "right to not leave".  

However my plan also is based upon creating an environment within a newly created New Jordan that becomes inductive to creating not only a homeland  for ALL Palestinians but also displaced Iraqis and others as well.  

The creation of a Hashemite Kingdom of Greater Palestine is not in any way based upon any negotiations or agreements that must be made between Israel and the citizens of Gaza or the West Bank. Indeed Israel and THEN Gaza and the citizens of the West Bank would be only the final steps in a much broader plan.

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