Monday, January 5, 2009

The Hashemite Kingdom of .......

For the last 42 years Israel and Palestine have attempted to find a way to get back to a boundary line lost even longer ago in 1947.  The 1947 demarcations are even more blurry given the century long shifts of who goes where.

It seems that the very wide picture of a solution to the Israeli - Palestinian problem has been narrowed and focused over the years to where it is now fought street by street and hill by hill around a very tight set of requirements by both sides.  It is crossing those last few hurdles that have, it is generally agreed, ground to a halt for decades.  

It is my contention that the only real solution would be to back up, not to 1967, or 1947 but perhaps to a time and solution never even contemplated until now.

My solution is based upon a few very simple premises.  

1. Israel cannot let the narrow band of land between the Northern West Bank and the sea to be a finalized boundary for the two countries.

2 No Palestinian state can thrive and provide a homeland for all refugees living in other countries based upon the two divided parcels existing today.  A solution for Palestine will need a viable solution to self creating of wealth.

3. A mechanism must be in place for ALL eligible Palestinians to vote on any solution and form of government.

4. Any solution agreed to by both sides means that large numbers of people will be given the opportunity to move.  This "opportunity" should shared as equally as possible between countries.

5. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia cannot escape being part of any solution.

6. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Israelites owned a Hilton on the Red Sea.

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