Monday, April 19, 2010

Trading Routes as basis for peace

It is the creation and maintaining of trading routes from across the world that has been the basis for a viable existence and self determination for the Arab population of this region for centuries.

It is the mindset of open movement, along with solutions for regional water use, that should be at the forefront of any long term solution of all the Arab peoples of the region. The concept of regional movement of goods and water should be the real basis of finding a Palestinian/Arab long term viable solution in the region.

Any solution without consideration of Arab control of the southern Negev, in exchanged for "natural growth" of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is not to be ignored. Again a resort on the Gulf of Aqaba is not mentioned, as far as I am aware, anywhere in the Bible. I would think that the sovereignty of the movement of goods, services and water would have been made abundantly clear from the recent history of the Gaza.

If Israel wants to trade "land for peace" let them trade Eilat et al, for peace.

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